If you have ever been involved in a scam, you will know the sense of injustice one can feel when the perpetrators are far from our shores and seem to be acting with impunity and well beyond the scales of justice.

But this week we’ve had some great news in the fight against one of the most insidious types of scams, the remote access scam.

The Australian Federal Police issued a search warrant in Wollongong as part of a cybercrime investigation into an alleged fraudulent technical support business.

Police allege the business – with a professional website, an Australian 1800 business number and used Microsoft logos – linked Australian victims to offshore scammers who would request remote access to their computers.

We call this kind of scam the “tech support scam” and it is something our Identity Security Operations Centre monitors daily.

It happens when you are busy browsing the internet, your screen freezes and a pop-up appears from…

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