A woman from Hainault says she was conned out of £160,000 in an alleged romance scam which lasted more than three years. 

Leslie Poole, 65, a disabled ex-registrar, believed that she was developing a relationship with a 60-year-old Italian man called ‘Frank’. 

She told the Recorder that six weeks ago she discovered that her beau, to whom she had been sending money for years, was a scammer. 

Leslie said: “I’m so angry with myself for being so stupid. I can’t believe I did it.” 

‘Frank’ reached out to Leslie more than three years ago via Facebook, she said, but did not ask for anything from her initially. 

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She recalled: “He didn’t ask for anything for four months and then suddenly he was saying he was going to work on a rig, same old, same old stories, needed money for this, money for that. 

“My friends now say ‘we tried to tell you’, [but] pride comes before a fall and I was…

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