BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Scammers are getting bolder and are now reaching victims through their mailboxes.

Jason Davis says he opened his mailbox and found a delivery slip that looked like any other piece of mail. The slip had his name and address reminding him about a “final attempt” to deliver a package, and to call a number to retrieve to retrieve it.

Davis told FOX4 he wasn’t expecting a package.

“I saw the number, and I was like ‘let’s just check it out,’” Davis said. “I pulled it up on Google and all I saw was scam, scam, scam.”

Experts say this type of scam is common electronically, but the way it was presented to Davis, in physical form, is something consumers don’t see often.

“I mean, the stamp is legit, that’s about the only thing that is legit,” Davis said.

Davis works in information technology, and…

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