Callsign revealed that the rise of scams is harming organizations’ reputations across the world. The global study of consumers revealed that just receiving a scam message purporting to be from any brand is enough for 45% of them to lose trust in the organization regardless of any real association with the message.

Financial services and ecommerce most targeted

Industries most targeted by fraudsters are financial services and ecommerce with consumers stating that of all scam messages they receive, 59% claim to represent their bank, or a retailer (36%).

The scam problem is rampant across all communications channels. Globally, on average, individuals who receive scam messages via all channels receive 1133 a year, with 24% saying they receive more messages from fraudsters than friends and family.

With 50% of consumers admitting they don’t report fraudulent messages, the scale of scam messaging and victims is likely to be underestimated….

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