Scammers are busy trying to trick PG&E and Palo Alto Utilities customers out of their money.

In Palo Alto, residents and businesses have been calls from scammers wanting people to pay delinquent utility bills.

One such scammer, who gave the name of “Jason,” called the Daily Post on Monday demanding $798.32 in payment immediately or the newspaper’s electricity would be cut in 10 to 15 minutes. The call sounded suspicious and no money was exchanged.

At Monday night’s council meeting, City Manager Ed Shikada said the city has been receiving reports of scam callers pretending to be from Palo Alto Utilities.

He said that anyone who suspect they are the victim of a scam to hang up and call police at (650) 329-2413.

He pointed out that customers can check their account balance online or by calling the Utilities Department at (650) 329-2161.

A warning for PG&E customers too

Also, PG&E is warning that scammers masquerading as utility workers trying…

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