Image from BDO

Banco de Oro, one of the largest banks in the country, cautioned its clients against downloading a supposed version its mobile app from unofficial websites.

BDO also advised that those who could not access their mobile app conduct their transactions via their official website only.

“Avoid installing BDO apps from other app distribution sites that may upload a fake version of our apps. Downloading and using these unofficial apps may compromise your login details, which can give scammers access to your accounts!” the bank said on August 24.

“Be smarter than a scammer. #BDOAntiScam,​” it added.

BDO’s official apps are:

  • BDO Digital Banking
  • BDO Pay
  • BDO Deals
  • BDO Securities Mobile App
  • BDO Checkout
  • BDO Merchant
  • BDO Unibank SG

Platforms where BDO’s clients can download these from are:

  • Google Play Store:
  • Apple App Store:
  • Huawei App…

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