These days lots of people are considering hiring a tutor.

“Yeah, I guess, depending on how well I’m doing in my classes,” said Vanderbilt student James Murray.  

“I think they’re helpful, If I need it for, like, extra studies on a particular topic,” said Vanderbilt Student John Churchwell.  

Many people find tutors online, but the Better Business Bureau is warning about a tutoring scam where, in some cases, companies will offer to either write a paper or complete the assignment for you.

“Which is cheating and not condoned in any way,” said Caleb Nix with the Better Business Bureau.

In other cases, students think they’re getting a real tutor.

They end up getting a completed assignment sent to them instead.

“Even though they never asked for it in the first place,” said Nix. 

In both scenarios the scam artist takes your money,…

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