Victims of bank transfer fraud are missing out on reimbursements they may be entitled to because of a culture of victim blaming.

That’s the accusation from consumer champions Which?, after it highlighted that banks are all too often holding victims of scams fully or partially responsible. It noted that victims were held fully responsible for 60% of fraudulent payments, while in 17% of cases they were partially blamed.

This comes despite banks signing up to an industry code to ensure that victims of bank transfer scams are reimbursed for any losses when they are not at fault.

Which? argued that the low overall reimbursement rate ‒ which also varies sharply between different banks ‒ was the result of banks unfairly pointing the blame at victims in order to avoid handing back the money.

A lack of transparency

Which? highlighted cases handled by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), as well as those it had covered itself, where scam…

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