QUESTION: Are those cash back websites a scam or are they safe to use?

ANSWER: The internet has become such a huge way to get scammed that the adage “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” has been ingrained into our collective psyche.

A good dose of skepticism will serve you well as it pertains to rewards-based websites but the good news is that there are many very legitimate resources that you can use when you make online purchases.

Affiliate Marketing

In most cases, you sign up for a free account that allows the site to track your purchases when you use their portal to make a purchase.

As long as you start from your portal whenever you make a purchase, the reward or cashback is tracked for you automatically.

They generally don’t sell you things directly as they have an affiliate relationship with thousands of online retailers, which is where the rewards come from.

The concept of affiliate marketing started back in the mid-’90s and has…

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