Zovio, the long-time corporate operator of for-profit, online Ashford University, which has repeatedly faced law enforcement actions for deceiving and abusing low-income students, has added two members to its board of directors: John S. Wilson, the former president of Morehouse College, and Ron Huberman, the ex-superintendent of Chicago’s public schools.

Zovio recently made a disturbing deal to run Ashford in partnership with the public University of Arizona and rebrand it as “University of Arizona Global Campus.” But according to a current Zovio admissions representative who spoke extensively with Republic Report, and other evidence, predatory practices at the school are ongoing, despite the change of name and ownership.

Zovio’s new board members

Zovio announced that Wilson and Huberman had joined its board in a March 30 press release.

Wilson worked in the Obama administration as executive director of the White House…

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