A woman was conned out of her £133,000 ($A250,000) life savings by her online date – who faked his own kidnapping and claimed he needed ransom money.

Rachel Elwell, 50, became the victim of an elaborate online scam in January when she started speaking to a man she believed lived just 25 miles away from her home in the west of England.

She was then scammed into believing the man was kidnapped abroad and within three months he had convinced her to send him more than £100,000 ($189,000) to save his life.

Rachel’s nightmare began when she started speaking to a man named Bario on January 1.

She met him through online dating and he told Rachel he was a widow, after his wife had died of breast cancer seven years ago when their daughter was 10.

Rachel said: “We had a lot in common. Both had dogs, liked walking, dancing and travelling.

“Our conversations felt honest and open and we planned to meet when covid restrictions eased.”

Bario told Rachel he was a…

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