Check for large upcoming bills so you can plan for them now and aren’t scrambling all over again in a few weeks. For example, if you have an annual bill due in June, Weiss recommends calling customer service to see if you can pay it in a monthly cadence instead. If so, you’ll be on the hook for a much lower payment next month.

Call lenders and service providers

Prioritizing bills is one thing, but having the means to pay them is another. If you can’t pay the rent or mortgage and other bills in full, pick up the phone.

A call to customer service can be an effective way to get a bill lowered or deferred, and all it costs is a bit of time. Missing payments, on the other hand, can lead to late fees, dinged credit and worse.

On the phone, be calm and explain the situation. The person on the other end is often willing to help, Weiss says, particularly in situations like this, when you’re facing something outside your control.

In fact, if your income has…

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