From Greymouth to São Paulo’s slums, Roy Arbon’s adventure ends in kidnap and imprisonment on foreign soil leaving him facing life behind bars. Uncovering every twist and turn of his riches-to-rags ride, does he really understand how close he came to catastrophe? Made with funding from NZ on Air.

Pensioner Rob Arbon went from tending bees on the West Coast to facing life in an Australian jail for trafficking cocaine from Brazil. A new Loading Docs documentary investigates how a remarkable life was derailed by relentless Nigerian scammers.

West Coast beekeeper Roy Arbon is not your typical international drug mule.

The 72-year-old pensioner is more at home in the bush than he is jet setting across the globe to ferry suspicious suitcases packed with illegal narcotics for international organised crime.

The former alpine climber and search and rescue hero has had his fair share of adventures and close scrapes.

He made his money working on oil rigs drilling…

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