A warning has been issued over a newly emerging scam on WhatsApp, where scammers attempt to impersonate family members to steal money.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has been informed of the scam after a member of the public received a message via WhatsApp purporting to be a family member who was asking for money.

The woman, called Alison received the message which said: “Hi mum, I’ve dropped my phone down the loo (sad emoji) this is my new number”

Alison replied to the message and asked if it was her son, Will, to which the scammer replied to say it was.

The following day, Alison’s ‘son’ messaged her asking for £2,600 and explained that he had got mixed up with loan sharks and needed to pay up. Alison didn’t doubt the message for a moment.

Alison tried to call her ‘son’ back, but the person on the…

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