Nothing obtained but massive loss incurred has left the victims of the dating app scam in the depths of despair.

A fraudster tries to convince, seduce, and even instruct the victim to steal money from his parents for investment.

“I would have ended myself if it wasn’t for the consideration of my kids”

Humiliated and devastated, they struggle in the pit of despair because their transactions are not protected by law.

With tears streaming down her face, H.L.T., 39, from Hai Phong city, remembered how she got swindled out of 6 billion which has been accumulated for many years to ensure the future for her two young children, by a Tinder account named Jacky.

“When the time was ripe, early in December 2020, I was prevailed upon by Jacky to invest in MMCoin. I seemed so blind to the scam that I made daily transactions of up to billions of Vietnamese dong. Around the end of March, the moment I became disenchanted there came the realization that I had…

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