Here’s some wisdom, on his blog, from Carl Barney, the ultra-wealthy operator of  a chain of tax-exempt “non-profit” colleges that:

— a Colorado judge hit last year with a $3 million verdict for fleecing low-income students;

— lost accreditation this spring over poor educational quality and terrible student outcomes;

— had their CEO, Eric Juhlin, suspended in April from federal contracting by the U.S. Department of Education; 

— are being investigated for student loan abuse by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (who does own “AR Management,” which services the Barney schools’ “EduPlan” private student loans — maybe somewhat who worships Ayn Rand?);

— are being sued for fraud by the U.S. Justice Department; and also:

— have received some $2 billion in taxpayer dollars from federal student aid, much of that going straight into Carl Barney’s wallet, funding charitable ventures like his plan to live to age 120.


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