More than 5,500 phone numbers, believed to have been used in scams, have been blocked by the ScamShield application since its launch in November last year.

The app, which is managed by the National Crime Prevention Council and the Singapore Police Force, has been downloaded by more than 119,000 users.

It is currently only available on iOS devices, but a version for Android systems is being developed.

It was designed specifically to prevent scam SMSes and phone calls from reaching users, identifying and filtering them out by using artificial intelligence.

Users can also report scam messages and numbers via the app for the Anti-Scam Centre (ASC) to take further action such as blocking or contacting telecommunications companies to suspend or terminate the phone numbers.

So far, about 722,000 SMSes have been reported.

Miss Reis Chang, 23, a fresh graduate, downloaded ScamShield in February. “I had been getting a lot of scam calls and messages on my…

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