Now the scammers are trying to warn you of potential scams in your account, straining you and not thinking twice about what you’re trying to do next.

An increasing number of texts and phone calls warn of suspicious activity from fraudsters. Some people are pretending to be from Amazon’s fraud department. Others are following similar MOs that impersonate banks such as Chase and government agencies such as the Social Security Agency to issue dubious fraud warnings.

Everything is portrayed as terribly “urgent”. Some text messages may warn you that your account is locked or restricted due to unusual activity and may erroneously notify you that you need to click a link to resolve the issue.

Others may argue that you need to make sure that a $ 500 purchase was made for something with your card.

Some Robocalls are instructed to “press 1” to report a fake claim that is priced at $ 729 or $ 1,499.

All text messages you receive are not genuine


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