PHOENIX — A few people have emailed the Let Joe Know Team that they’ve received emails or messages from friends about a government assistance program that’s supposed to help people financially impacted because of the ongoing pandemic.

It is real? It is fake? How do you know?

Frankie Jo told me that she was contacted by a friend on her Facebook page. That friend wanted her to know about a government freedom grant.

“She says it’s good for people who need money to pay bills for buying a home, getting business, going to school,” said Frankie Jo.

And the friend claims that she raked it in, allegedly receiving $250,000.

“Come on,” Franke Jo says with a smile.

Because of the large sum of money, and that the message came from a friend she rarely talks to, Franke Jo knew that her friend’s account had been hacked and that that this was a scam.

But, it is the timing of the message, that could make someone believe that that particular grant was legitimate.


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