A woman who was conned out of £113,000 by a Facebook fraudster says she’s facing bankruptcy after claiming her banks would not reimburse her lost money.

Rachel Elwell, 50, from Brownhills, West Midlands, was the victim of an elaborate romance scam after being contacted by an ‘attractive’ and ‘intelligent’ man on Facebook at the start of 2021.

After speaking for months and convincing her that he was being held captive in Eastern Europe and in desperate need of money, Ms Elwell sent the scammer tens thousands of pounds.

By April 1, 2021, Ms Elwell realised the magnitude of her problem after giving the fraudster nearly £113,000 and her world ‘came crashing down’ around her.

Her case has been the subject of a three-month investigation from Santander and HSBC, and she hoped she would be covered by a code of conduct that supports fraud victims.

However, Rachel says she has been left in ‘a devastating situation’ after claiming the bank concluded she would not…

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