The trial of Jasiel Correia II has had some interesting moments — and some confusing ones. The complicated proceedings are heavy with financial and technical details, full of some terms and concepts that you might not run into in your everyday life.  

We’re here to help. We’re answering some questions that might’ve crossed your mind as the trial plays out, and we have more planned as the trial continues. (Don’t see your question here? Click this form to submit a question.

What charges is Jasiel facing exactly?

How does an iPhone app get made and submitted to the App Store?

What is witness sequestration and why does it happen?

What happens if a witness breaks the sequester?

What is geofencing?

What are Christian Louboutins?

What is a convertible debt note?

What are the exact charges Jasiel Correia is facing? 

Correia is facing 24 charges in all. Let’s take them all one by one, in groups, since that’s how the federal government is…

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