THIS Wednesday is Social Media day. As billions of people use the networks globally in some form or another on a daily basis, they are bound to be the main targets of cyber criminals.

More than half of the world’s population or 4.2 billion people are on social media, of which 28 million are from Malaysia. There are 6.6 billion online users globally.

All these are tempting targets for cyber criminals as the users search, share, shop, transact, stream and do a lot of things on social media networks.

Scammers continue to use new ways to get your money and personal details.

Anyone can be tricked and become a victim if you let your guard down as unwanted messages and solicitations bombarded us regularly through junk mails, spam emails and robocalls, said a report.

A cyberattack can be in the form of a scam or phishing and if you fall victim, the consequences are…

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