SINGAPORE: The smarter you seem to be, the easier it could be for a scammer to manipulate you.  

It is a truth bomb that Jon (not his real name) drops midway through a conversation with CNA. The ex-offender, who served three years and seven months in prison for multiple cheating scams, doesn’t mince his words when asked to recall memorable characteristics of his former victims.

“We stroke their ego, especially when they’re ‘up there’ with a position as a lawyer, doctor, surgeon. So they will feel good about themselves, and when they feel good, they will make decisions that sometimes they don’t think through,” the 34-year-old shared.  

Since getting out of prison, Jon has changed his name to start anew – but recurring regrets from having duped individuals prompted him to open up about his past, so potential scam victims can be more aware. 

His sharing is timely. Earlier this…

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