Since the start of the pandemic, the South African Social Security Agency social grant programmes have been hit by different kinds of scammers. Recently, SASSA has been alerted of a new modus operandi used to scam and defraud social grant beneficiaries.

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The scammers claim to be SASSA employees, who move around in communities with skimming devices targeted to defraud beneficiaries of their social grant monies.

The fraudsters approach beneficiaries and convince them to ‘check’ if their social grant cards are still valid by swiping them through a device. By so doing, the scammers are then skimming the beneficiaries’ card for later cloning.

This then gives the scammers time to load a beneficiary’s information onto a new card and withdraw all the money.

SASSA would like to warn all social grant beneficiaries to be alert and not to co-operate with anybody who requests…

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