Recently, the Building Society took action to remind people about a way in which criminals operate. “Safe account scams” are among a number of fraud scams being reported at the moment.

The caller purports to be from a trusted organisation – such as a bank or building society or the police.

During the conversation, the fraudsters claim the recipient of the call’s money is at risk.

For example, they may say the account has been compromised in a security breach.

“Then they reassure you: move your money now to a ‘safe account’ they’ve set up for you, and all will be fine,” Nationwide said.

“It’s you who moves that money, not them.

“And it’s money you’ve lost for good.”

In order to reduce the risk of falling victim to a scam, Nationwide has shared an important tip.

“Never act on a call out of the blue and transfer money at the request of a caller,” the Society says.

“A genuine organisation would never ask you to do this.”

Action Fraud has shared three…

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