McKee, Ky. – Matt and Jennifer Muncy were dangerously close to becoming homeless. 

They had lost their livelihood when a local factory sent work to Mexico. They barely subsisted on a string of low-paying jobs that followed.

Raising their four children in a part of Appalachia with a median annual household income barely above $32,000 — about half the national average — had become as lonely as McKee’s single traffic light. 

“We were literally at a point where we were done,” Matt said, tears welling up in his eyes. “We had each other, and as God is my witness, that’s the one thing which kept me going.” 

Then the couple heard about a program that helps land customer service work with companies like Apple, Cabela’s and Amazon. Matt was skeptical. He had looked into the promise of online jobs before and they seemed like a scam.

“They would never go into specifics and when you get to the end of everything, they’re wanting a credit card,…

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