(iSeeCars) – New car prices have reached record highs, with the average new car exceeding a $38,000 price tag. For car buyers on a budget, buying a used car can be an attractive alternative. In fact, purchasing just a one-year-old used car can save a consumer an average of 23 percent off buying the same car’s new version. Those who are willing to purchase a three-year-old used car can save an average of 38.2 percent, and consumers who buy a five-year-old used vehicle can save nearly 50 percent. 

Despite the cost savings, some consumers are wary of buying a used vehicle because of the uncertainty of the vehicle’s history and the difficulty of the buying process. However, being a well-informed shopper can help you navigate the used car buying process and find the right car at the right price. 

Here are 15 tips to help you buy a used car:

1. Set Your Used Car Budget

While used cars are cheaper than new cars, they are still a…

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