Granada Woman Arrested Over Identity Theft Loan.
image: policia nacional

GRANADA Woman Arrested Over Identity Theft Loan of €18,000

National Police officers have arrested a 42-year-old woman, of Spanish nationality – who has a previous police record – suspected of being the perpetrator of a crime of fraud, and identity theft, after using the identity and bank account details of a former work colleague, along with a falsified payroll slip, to obtain an online loan of €18,000.

The scam came to light only after her victim received a call from a well-known bank that specialises in online loans and credit cards, to say that she had defaulted on three installments of an eight-year loan in her name in September 2020, totalling €830.

Fully aware that she had not taken out the loan in question, the victim asked for information about the loan, including the documentation that had been used to obtain it originally, and was told…

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