A fundraiser has been launched for a nurse who was scammed out of all her savings in a cruel scam.

Zuzanna who is originally from Poland was swindled out of over €6,000 of her savings after she received a scam phone call call telling her she was being investigated for money laundering.

The Dun Laoghaire woman said she’d been receiving scam calls for weeks and had ignored them but this one caught her at a vulnerable moment, Dublin Live reports.

Zuzanna, 40, was woken up by a call after a gruelling night shift at the oncology unit of the hospital she worked at.

She said: “I answered the call, exhausted from working all night and disorientated at being woken from sleep.

“It was an automatic message saying to hold for an operator that I was a suspect in a criminal investigation. I was so tired I didn’t even realise it was a fake allegation.”

A man introduced himself as Daniel Parker, an officer of The Financial Criminal Authority.