Citrus County, Florida-In a quiet district of Florida, the words of the winner of the sweepstakes are making noise to their neighbors.

“There is no doubt, it’s kind of weird,” said neighbor Bob Gregoire.

The neighbor’s winner was probably set to win her jackpot through the publisher’s clearinghouse and charge more than $ 10 million, neighbors said.

But that is the end of excitement. It turns out that a woman believes she is the winner, but in reality it is not. In fact, mostly retired residents of the Citrus County community fear that their 91-year-old neighbor is actually one of the latest victims of old-fashioned fraud.

“She’s mentally flawless. When it comes to this scam, she’s completely off the chart,” neighbor Patricia Maynard told us. Maynard also tried to convince the woman she couldn’t win.

It started at least a year ago. Maynard and Gregoire said it was when their single-living neighbor revealed that they had won the…

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