GLENSIDE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — The Justice Department has brought criminal charges against at least 120 people related to the Paycheck Protection Program.

Action News has a warning for small business owners if you get a call about your PPP loan.

A business owner in Montgomery County alerted the Troubleshooters to this one wanting to make sure no one falls for this latest pandemic-related scam.

Like so many other business owners, podiatrist Alicia Canzanese sought federal funds to stay afloat amid the pandemic.

“I had to apply for a payroll protection loan after the first round of stimulus so that I could continue to pay my employees,” she said. “With a payroll protection loan, if you used it a certain way, if you fit a certain number of criteria, you could get the loan forgiven.”

So Canzanese applied for that loan forgiveness. Then last week, she got a message from someone claiming to be from the bank that issued the loan.

“I heard the voicemail saying,…

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