An unfamiliar combination of numbers appears on your phone as it buzzes against the table. A flash of momentary panic hits as an unfamiliar caller tells you your car insurance policy has expired. 

Remembering you don’t own a car, you breathe an embarrassed sigh of relief. The scam missed its mark: This time.

But rest assured, the attempts won’t stop.

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“Every day scammers get more and more high tech, and the emails look more and more legitimate,” Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Kaley Behl said. “They have the ability to ghost phone numbers to make it look like you’re receiving a call from a legitimate number.”

The Alachua County Clerk of the Court released information on a nationwide identity theft scam targeting potential jurors. Callers identify themselves as jury personnel to try and wheedle personal information out of them, such as Social Security numbers and bank account…

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