9lokkNine is in a serious jam in Orlando, Florida. Not only is he facing RICO charges for running a gang, he just pleaded guilty to having guns and running a scam!

Rapper 9lokkNine has pleaded guilty to federal gun charges and cheating the government out of COVID-19 relief money in 2020.

These charges are different from the attempted murder and racketeering charges that the Orlando rapper is already facing back in Florida.

The “Seconds Later” rapper, whose real name is Jacquavius Smith has admitted to using a fake identity to receive $10,000 in federal Paycheck Protection Program funds.

The government set those dollars aside for small businesses that struggled during last year’s deadly coronavirus pandemic, and he admitted to committing the fraud in a plea agreement released on Tuesday.

The rapper used someone else’s name, social security number, and address to get the low five-digit pay-out on April 16.

One of the ways that the Feds found out about…

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