Have you ever bought anything online before? Many people have. Some of us have had amazing experiences but many more people have had really bad experiences. 

I have worked as an online marketing expert for over 10 years and yet, I have been scammed by an online business. I haven’t been scammed in a long time, but this only happened because I took out time to identify accounts that businesses that are likely to scam people.

We will focus on identifying fake Instagram businesses or Instagram businesses that are likely to scam you.

  1. Scanty content or most of the content shared on the same day
    Fake accounts usually have little to no content. The person behind a fake account is busy scamming people and does not have time to post content.
  2. They send personal account details for you to pay into
    Be careful if an online vendor shares his/her personal account for payments. Be more careful if the name of the account is different…

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