A 77-year-old Indiana woman lost more $12,000 to a scam involving the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the Chesterton resident received an email in June, purportedly alerting her about fraudulent activity on her PayPal account.

The email said that nearly $500 had been taken out of the account and that she would need to call a phone number to fix the issue.

The woman called the number and a male voice with a foreign accent instructed her to purchase $3,500 in Bitcoin on the popular exchange platform Coinbase.

The male on the phone then offered to take her through the process himself, by accessing her smartphone via a screen-sharing technique. He also asked if he could access her checking account in order to help get back the lost PayPal money.

The woman agreed to all of the man’s requests and even provided the man with a state photo ID of herself.

Eventually, the woman realized that six withdrawals, totaling $8,800, had been taken…

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