(WSPA) – If you’re expecting a tax refund but it hasn’t arrived you may be one of a growing number of tax payers who have been flagged by the IRS.

This time it has nothing to do with getting audited, it’s all to prevent fraud. And if you don’t take an important step, you won’t get your money.

“I got the letter saying they needed to confirm my identity and obviously didn’t believe it,” said Derek Digh, a business owner in Cherryville, NC.

It’s a normal reaction. After all, the IRS has been impersonated in so many phishing scams.

“There’s so many scams at this point in time that they see this and they’re scared to pick up the phone and call,” said tax preparer, Dan Thomas, an IRS Enrolled Agent.

But as Thomas explains, the “5071-C” letter really is from the government. Keep in mind, this notice will only come as a letter. It will not come as email or text.

While the letter is not an audit, it does…

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