Duo confronts scammers at their own front door, helps victims


Evergreen roots editor Nick Gibson watches a video from Trilogy Media’s YouTube channel.

Trilogy Media is a YouTube channel that stars two scam busters, Ashton Bingham and Art Kulik. They waste scammers’ time, help those who have been scammed and work toward addressing scams like the IRS scam, Microsoft Support scam, and most recently, the refund scam.

The refund scam has so many layers to it, and Trilogy Media has decided to take it on. A scammer calls a victim, saying they will “refund” a certain amount into the victim’s bank account. In order to do this, the scammer needs access to the victim’s computer with the bank account pulled up.

Once the victim gives the scammer access to their computer with their bank account pulled up, the scammer will darken the screen. The victim is told that the computer is updating, but the scammer is transferring money from the…

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