Officials remind parents that it will not attempt to gather personal or financial information via email, text or through threatening phone calls.

J. David Ake / AP

Updated August 13, 2021 at 11:15 AM ET

The second of the monthly installments of child tax credit payments went out Friday — and it’s a good time to remind you that scammers are targeting families eligible for this credit. The following piece first published in July. It’s been just days since the IRS began sending out child tax credit payments — meaning tens of millions of families have started to receive up to $300 per child — and already the agency is warning American families about scammers trying to steal their money.

“Be alert to criminals who ask you, by phone, email, text – or even on social media, to verify your information,” the IRS cautioned on Wednesday.

Such contacts are fake and should be ignored or reported.

Officials also reminded recipients of the monthly installments that…

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