RIVERSIDE, Ohio (WDTN) – Riverside Police are warning residents of another phone scam making the rounds.

The Riverside Police Department took to Facebook warning residents that they have gotten reports of callers posing as Publisher’s Clearing House saying you’re a winner. All you need to do is cover a small amount of taxes and give up your banking information.

Police say it is a scam. In the Facebook post, Riverside Police said, “This is always a scam! Never give out your bank information, SSN or DOB over the phone to any unsolicited call. Be aware!!”

The Federal Trade Commission offers four tips to identify scams.

1. Scammers pretend to be from an organization you know.

Scammers often pretend to be contacting you on behalf of the government. They might use a real name, like the Social Security Administration, the IRS, or

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