This tax-return filing season has the makings of a particularly hazardous one when it comes to thefts and scams.

White-collar fraud directed at consumers is on the rise anyway. Besides the usual dangers, there’s a lot of confusion about stimulus payments, debit and gift cards, and recent tax-law changes. Plus, millions of people might have unfamiliar tax issues this year, such as unemployment benefits they hadn’t received in the past.

If that’s not enough, millions of people are self-isolating at home, just waiting for criminals to call or text them.

Here are some of the usual tax-related warnings, with a few new wrinkles.

Hang up on gift card requests

You might not view gift cards as having much of a connection to income taxes, and normally they don’t. Yet scammers are contacting people, often by phone, conjuring a supposed tax or other type of debt and demanding that people pay it by sending in gift cards or phoning in a card’s…

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