OFFICIALS have warned to be wary of stimulus check scammers who send out fake checks in order to steal money from taxpayers.

The Department of Justice urged Americans to be vigilant as a “new wave of Covid-19 scams” sweep the country ahead of the second round of stimulus payments being sent out.


Scammers are sending out identical checks to the government to dupe unsuspecting AmericansCredit: Getty

In a statement on Wednesday, they told how the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) have identified a range of stimulus check “scams and other financial schemes designed to steal money and personal information from taxpayers.”

Monthly¬†checks¬†set to be sent to families in September, October, November, and December alongside the upcoming tax filing season has encouraged criminals “to trick honest taxpayers out of their hard-earned money.”

Attorney W. Stephen Muldrow said in the statement: “I urge citizens to remain alert and to be…

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