DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) — Millions of dollars in stimulus funds are hitting bank accounts now, while checks and debit cards with the funds will soon be hitting mailboxes. Scammers are already trying to capitalize on this moment.

A senior citizen in the Triangle lost $2,500 when she got a call about money that went into the wrong bank account.

The woman who asked us not to identify her because she was so embarrassed said the caller told her there was a mix-up with her money.

“She said it was the stimulus check put in there, in me and my husband’s account, and it needs to be taken out.”

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The caller claimed to be with her bank, and that $2,500 was mistakenly put in her checking account, and they were going to help her get that money out of her account and get it into the right account.

The caller gained her trust by talking to her on the phone for over two hours. The caller eventually told…

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