ANDOVER, MA — Andover police warned residents of gift card scams Wednesday, offering advice to residents on avoiding them in a Facebook post.

In this type of scam, scammers will often call or email claiming to be a government official or a major company. They ask for personal information and for payment in the form of gift cards.

The department shared three tips:

  • “If you receive an unexpected call and the person is asking for personal information, don’t give it out
  • If someone calls or emails you and asks you to purchase gift cards for any reason, that is a red flag
  • The IRS will never ask you to get gift cards!”

No legitimate business or government entity will ask for gift cards, the police noted.

“If any organization is asking you to get gift cards to settle a debt or pay for something, it’s a scam,” the police said. “Please call us to report it.”

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