• Nearly 1 in 3 Americans fell for a phone scam in 2020.
• Younger people are more prone to phone scams.
• The FCC recently made phone companies implement new safety measures.

Robocalls and phone scammers are not only annoying, they’re thieves.

Nearly one in three Americans said they fell for a phone scam in the past year, resulting in billions of dollars lost due to prank calls on landlines and cellphones.

New research by Truecaller found that more than 59 million Americans were affected by phone scammers — resulting in nearly $30 billion lost during the pandemic.

On average, Americans that fell for scams lost $502 last year — up from $351 in 2020. Of those, 60% of people reported robocalls coordinating the attack.

Popular scams include the “we’re calling about your car warranty” and the “urgent” call from the IRS. And they are happening to just about everyone.

Younger people fall for scams most often

Recent data by the Federal Trade…

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