An iOS app that forced users to leave a positive rating before using it managed to get past Apple’s App Review process, though it has since been removed from the App Store.

Credit: Apple

The app, named UPNP Xtreme, purported to let users stream videos to their TV. However, as soon as the app opens after installation, it demands a review before it even functioned.

As spotted by app developer and anti-scam advocate Kosta Eleftheriou, the app would open a review dialog box as soon as it opened. However, the box couldn’t be dismissed without leaving a review that was between three and five stars.

The review: “This app forced me to give it a good rating before I could use it.”

You: “Pfff, no one’s FORCING you!”

The app:

The review behavior directly violates Apple’s App Store guidelines, which bar developers from “showing a request review immediately when a user launches your app.”

More than that, Apple’s review API…

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