Scam phonecalls are a nuisance to the lives of us all. However, one TikTok creator, Roy Baker, took matters into his own hands when he received a call from a “Spam Risk” number. After showing the camera the call, he answered the phone before pretending to be from the CIA‘s (non-existent) “fraud department.”

In just two days, the TikTok video has gained over seven million views and one million likes. “CIA Fraud Division coming to a dial tone near you,” he captioned the clip.

Baker can be seen telling the scammers: “Hello. Thank you for calling the CIA. You’ve reached our Scam and Fraud Division. All our agents are currently assisting other callers. To further assist you, please hold while we download your incoming and outgoing call logs to be analyzed against our database of known scam and fraud operations. An agent will be with you shortly.”

Unsurprisingly, the caller swiftly hung up on Baker.

For most, the comedic TikTok was a relatable situation, with…

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