The “reach out and touch” idealism of Mr. Bell’s invention has achieved a frightening new standard … the scam call.

I don’t know about others, but I am averaging nearly a dozen such calls every single day. That’s about 12 minutes of my life every day that I can’t get back.

Today’s phone scammers are sophisticated, relying on the latest and greatest in technology to help them gain access to the personal information of their potential victim. Even a simple answer of “yes” to an inquiry of “hello, are you there” can be used to obtain information you believe is safe.

The new phone spoofing technology makes matters even worse. I spoke to a local law enforcement officer who told me his phone rang and he was surprised to see that he was apparently calling himself.

Today’s scams run the gamut from threatening IRS calls to bank fraud to health care or insurance and beyond.

My favorite annoyance…

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