Internal Revenue Service today concludes the “Dirty Dozen” list of tax
scams with a warning to taxpayers to watch out for schemes peddled by
tax promoters, including syndicated conservation easements, abusive
micro-captive insurance arrangements and other abusive arrangements.

The IRS warns people to be on the lookout for promoters who peddle
false hopes of large tax deductions from abusive arrangements. These
“deals” are generally marketed by unscrupulous promoters who make false
claims about their legitimacy and charge high fees to boot. These
promoters frequently devise new ways to cheat the system and market them
aggressively. Some taxpayers play the audit lottery hoping they don’t
get noticed.

To fight the evolving variety of these abusive arrangements, the IRS
recently created the Office of Promoter Investigations (OPI) to focus on
participants and the promoters of abusive tax avoidance
transactions. OPI…

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