Segment One – IRS Scams

Marla Tellez hosts in place of Hal Eisner. She is joined by Micki Boland, the head of engineering for Checkpoint Cybersecurity experts. Micki talks about scammers who are taking advantage of the change in tax laws and the extension for tax payments to send out phishing emails to consumers.  Those emails look like legitimate IRS missives, but will actually allow hackers to download spyware or other dangerous malware onto your computer, or may allow them to steal personal information.

Micki talks about how to protect yourself and what to do if you accidentally click one of those links.

Segment Two – COVID and Scams

Micki returns with more information on scams involving the pandemic.  She discusses everything from testing scams, to bogus vaccination appointment emails, to the recent rash of fake vaccination cards offered online.
Segment Three –  Stan Runs

Stan Cottrell is an ultra-long-distance runner….

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