If you wrap your car in advertising, how much can you make?

It doesn’t seem fair: You get paid for eight hours of work, but you don’t make a cent for the two hours it takes to get to the office and back.

Well, if you’re willing to wrap your car from bumper-to-bumper in advertising, you could make money on the way to work, to the grocery store and anywhere else you go.

You’ve probably seen these mobile billboards all over your hometown. So how do you sign up, and how much money can you make?

As long as you know where to look (and avoid the scams out there), you could get more than enough cash to cover basic bills or pay down debt — just for going about your daily commute.

How do you sign up for a car wrap?

A car wrap being applied

Faruk Akcay/Shutterstock

Even if your car ends up covered in logos for Coca-Cola, Shell or Zoom, the big companies themselves won’t be paying you. Instead, you’ll be working with reputable ad agencies that specialize in vehicle wraps, a budding form of…

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